Things to Look for When Choosing A Photographer

By April 24, 2018blogpost

When you are looking for the best photographer, it can be intimidating at first. It is not an easy task, so I decided to write this blog with the intention of making the process of choosing the best photographer more comfortable for you.

I knew when I got into the photography business that it would be tough. I am a professional photographer since (insert year). I have been working as a wedding photographer/videographer for quite some time now.

Becoming the best photographer came after tons of schooling, a degree, self-teaching and lots of error and trial, also, also free shoots to build up a high-quality portfolio. In the world of innovations, where expensive lenses and camera phones are at our fingertips, it is difficult for the photographer to stand apart and to prove that they are the one the customers should hire and convince you by their skills and expertise in the photography business.

Here are some things to remember when choosing the best photographer/videographer:


Not all best professional photographers have gone to colleges to get a photography degree. There are numerous photographers I appreciate who did not even go to school and college at all. However, they all are expert in the art of photography and give their 100% in whatever work they do. At the end of the day, experience is all that matters.

Quality and Consistency

Before hiring a photographer for your event, take a look at his or her past work experiences. All professional photographers will have a portfolio or a website to showcase their work. Look at the consistency in lighting, edits, color, and quality. Be sure to look at sessions that imitate what you are looking for.


Each photographer has a different way of working, even if all of their equipment is identical. Photography reflects the eye, the perception, and the creativity of the photographer. Their style will be defined in the angles they choose, their edit, their compositions, the rules they follow, their creativity, or the mood and tone they convey with their sessions, appearance of a visual work which can be associated with a particular person or group of people

Reviews and Word of Mouth

When I first started to promote my business, I had a good friend of mine tell me that the best promotion is a happy and satisfied customer. Satisfied and happy customers talk about their excellent quality experiences and tend to tell others as well. Plus, it is always advised that you discuss this with your friends and family and on social media networks. The best way to learn about a photographer is to ask one of their past customers and read the reviews of their skills through photographers Facebook page.

Coordination and Organization

To wrap things up, choose a photographer who has all his or her bases covered. It is safe to say that they are organized with prices, editing timelines, and session planning. When hiring the photographer to choose someone who is familiar with the location of the shoot and also, with those they speak to ahead of time for any location request, scheduling, and one who will freeze special moments in time that could otherwise be lost.