Real Estate

Make the property listings stand out with the help of our real estate drone videos. At Drone Zone we can help you showcase your properties through our impressive visual experience. We make the agent’s portfolio come instantly to life using our stunning footage from various different angles. Aerial videography and photography is one of the best ways to attract those looking for a new house.

Event Coverage

Our services can be used to cover various events. Be it a graduation dinner or a birthday party, we have the skills and the abilities to cover various different types of events. Aerial photography and videography is the best way to save you precious moments in time.

Property Tours

What better way for your clients to take property tours than an aerial video? Not only will this showcase all your properties perfectly, by using aerial videography your clients will also be able to experience firsthand how on top of your game you are. This is enough to create an amazing first impression in front of your clients.


Use our aerial photography stills or shots from our aerial videography shoots to showcase in your multimedia presentations to watch all jaws drop! This is a highly innovative way to instantly revamp your presentations.


Weddings are the most important events in any person’s life. To make it even more special, use Drone Zone’s services to beautifully capture your moments from a bird’s eye view. Save your precious moments in a stunning memoire

Extreme Aerial TV & Production

Drone Zone has produced high quality productions for directors, producers, cinematographers and broadcasters. Composing the one perfect shot for Television, film along with commercials requires exceptional skills and is highly challenging yet rewarding at the same time.