At Drone Zone we offer to clients professional yet highly attractive aerial drone photography services. These services include everything from visually eyecatching drone marketing photographs, to huge scale panoramic murals and various other types of drone photography projects.Our aerial photography is of the best with impeccable attention to details and quality.


Drone Zone specializes in the two operator advanced professional drone cinematography as well as video services which helps all our clients capture absolutely gorgeous videos impossible or very expensive to achieve by the traditional video methods. From the stunning aerial drone videos to the fast, low and close ups of fast moving objects, the team working for Drone Zone has the expertise and the passion required to help you achieve the perfect video shot you need!


We understand that all our clients have individual needs, which is why we customize our videography and photography sessions to meet all their requirements. This not only helps to produce the perfect results Drone Zone is famous for but also ensures that our clients remain satisfied with the services we have to offer them.


The aerial photography and video services offered at Drone Zone combines passion, technology and experience. This is displayed seamlessly in the finished work delivered to our clients. From the very basic to a highly complicated shoot, from a tight budget to a full scale movie budget the team at Drone Zone has the ability to translate the ideas into a spectacular, impacting and shareable digital medium.




Providing quality services to our clients is our topmost priority. We keep in mind all the individual needs and then work accordingly.


The services we offer are highly professional, so are the relationships we have with all our clients. We believe in providing quality services with utmost professionalism.


When you work with the team at Drone Zone, you do not have to be worried about your ideas being used for other clients. We produce unique content for each of our clients keeping their individual needs and privacy in mind!


Our services can be used to cover various events. Be it a graduation dinner or a birthday party, we have the skills and the abilities to cover various different types of events. Aerial photography and videography is the best way to save you precious moments in time.


What better way for your clients to take property tours than an aerial video? Not only will this showcase all your properties perfectly, by using aerial videography your clients will also be able to experience firsthand how on top of your game you are. This is enough to create an amazing first impression in front of your clients.


Use our aerial photography stills or shots from our aerial videography shoots to showcase in your multimedia presentations to watch all jaws drop! This is a highly innovative way to instantly revamp your presentations.


Weddings are the most important events in any person’s life. To make it even more special, use Drone Zone’s services to beautifully capture your moments from a bird’s eye view. Save your unforgettable moments in a stunning memoire.

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One of the many things my fiancé and I could not agree on was the photographer and the videographer for our wedding ceremony. A friend then recommended Drone Zone to us and we were amazed by the services they had to offer. The final products we got after the wedding ceremony was beyond perfection. From the colors, to the editing everything was taken care of. I will definitely recommend people to choose Drone Zone over any other company. Trust me, you are not going to regret it!

Mark Brown New York, USA